Became a Naugahyde distributor and foam fabricator
Began selling upholstery seating fabrics
Grew in distribution of residential upholstery
Grew in hospitality and healthcare fabric markets
Providing the world with contract seating textiles across all markets


"Scott Fabrics has been an amazing partner for AK Design Studio. They provide excellent customer service and a product offering ideal for the hospitality market in which we specialize. We are proud to do business with such a great company."

Andrea Gillespie, Design Principal, AK Design Studio, LLC
"Scott Fabrics is a good choice when you need a budget friendly fabric or vinyl option and don't have the schedule for a long lead time. The Scott Fabrics team is always helpful, responsive and customer focused."

Rebecca Robertson, Managing Director, Paradigm Design Group
"I have had the good fortune to know and work with Scott Fabrics for many years! I always find fashionable designs, great price points and fantastic attention to customer service. Most importantly, they are just great people with the highest level of integrity and character!"

Bill Cotter, Vice President of Sales, Brookline Furniture
"Scott Fabrics is the professional's professional. They have a selection of beautiful and quality fabrics at a reasonable price and they offer positively outstanding service. Their response level is lightening-fast and when they promise a ship date you can take it to the bank. They make my job easier!

Shirley Walker, Vice President, Design & Purchasing, Dimension Development Company